Providing our customers with state-of-the art telephone service.   You can choose the calling features to fit all of your telecommunication needs.  We offer several local and long distance calling plans from basic telephone line to a complete package that includes, unlimited long distance and local calling, voicemail, etc.


However you use the Internet Lakeland Communications has a speed for you. If you stream content such as Netflix or Hulu or play Xbox games online and have multiple devices, you may need 10Mbps per device. We offer speeds of 100 mbps.   Say goodbye to slowdowns because more bandwidth means your Internet is always fast, no matter how many of your neighbors are online. You can watch streaming online movies and more without those annoying stops and starts.


Cable TV service is offered in Luck, Milltown, Balsam Lake, Centuria, Cushing and Frederic communities. At Lakeland we pay fees back to your local communities so we can provide you with a local interest channel. This channel offers free broadcast of local public announcements, school and community events along with community meetings and information.