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Serving the following communities:

Cushing (648) Centuria (640, 646) Luck (472) Frederic (327)

Milltown (825) Balsam Lake (485, 405) Fox Creek (857)

St. Croix Falls (483), Dresser (755), Osceola (294)

Our Customers Say

“The customer service reps and techs are the best I have come across.”


“I’ve done a little research on your company and am Extremely impressed, beyond words! I just cannot believe what you guys are doing at Lakeland. I bow to you and your colleagues.”


A HUGE Atta Boy to Lakeland.  Excellent customer service. Beyond good…superior.  Last week, internet and land line were not working.  A call to Lakeland, some questions answered with a call back deemed a service call was necessary.  While on the phone with Lakeland, I went to my porch and checked my fiber optic entry point into my house.  I discovered my 9 month old chocolate lab had chewed the cable in half.  A service call was scheduled.


As a local company that ships product worldwide, we are heavily dependent on communication in all forms.  We had our internet and telephone services through another company who didn’t take our need for communication as serious as we did. Throughout the years, we suffered being without email or internet for full business days. Not only was it painful, but also very costly to us and our customers.

Todd R at Lakeland convinced me to switch providers and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it has been under the Lakeland umbrella. In the four years since we switched our internet, we have been down twice that I can recall—caused by power outages. It just works!

Anna Martin, Bishop Fixture and Millwork

 Continued – This year brought a lot of havoc to our aging IT equipment and we needed to look at replacing our phone server as well as upgrading our technologies in all of our locations. Todd, Alec and Derek worked with me to address all of our issues and work out plans to switch everything out with no down time to our company. All our locations are extremely happy with the solutions that Lakeland provided us which included fiber installation. Our new phone system through Lakeland has met our needs and the IT department has one less server to maintain!

The professionalism, knowledge  and exceptional service that Lakeland provides is beyond my expectations of working with vendors, and after all is said and done, a valuable part of my company’s continued success.

I am happy to be a Lakeland customer both personally and professionally and extremely grateful I live and work in the Lakeland area!

Thank you Lakeland!

Anna Martin, Bishop Fixture and Millwork
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Call 811 to contact Diggers Hotline at least three working days before doing any excavation work.


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