Refer A Business

We know you have a choice of Business Internet, and/or Phone, we want to thank you for selecting Lakeland Communications Inc. You can earn up to $100 ($50 for 1 service, $100 for 2 or more services) every time a business you recommend becomes a Lakeland customer.

Business Referral Applications

When a business customer is signing up for service it is the time to designate a Business Referral. On the applications, please enter the business referring name and address so that we can make sure the correct business is credited for referral. No business refer will be issued without the name and address being provided. The individual who is listed as the referring party, must be named on the referring account. 

  • Current business customers can refer unlimited businesses who would be new Lakeland Communications Inc. business customers adding internet and/or business phone service only.
  • The referred business must be a new business class customer who site is in a Lakeland Communications Inc.-serviceable area but does not have an active Lakeland service.
  • To receive referral credit, the new Lakeland Communications business customer must enter the eligible referring subscriber’s name and address of whom is the referring the new customer and do so on designated line on the subscriber application. 
  • New referred customers can combine the business referral credit with other Lakeland Communications Inc. offers.
  • Multiple accounts using the business referral incentive can’t be in the same name.
  • There’s no cash value for the referral credit, and it won’t be refunded.
  • When a new, referred business connects to Lakeland Communications Inc. services, both the referring customer and the new customer will see applicable referral credits on their billing statements within 60-90 days of the new customer’s installation date. The credit appears on your Lakeland Communications Inc. billing statement under the Additional Discounts section.
  • In order to receive the referral credit, the new business customer must keep their account payment status current (not past due) at the time-of-service activation and 60 days after installation. Otherwise, credits will be forfeited.
  • The new customer must have active services for 180 days after installation. Otherwise, credits will be forfeited, and re-adjusted on referring business account.