Lakeland Communications is a regional leader in the delivery of always on Gigabit broadband solutions.

Mission Statement

Lakeland Communications provides customer-focused connectivity solutions to enable the prosperity of stakeholders.


We believe/believe in:
• The highest levels of integrity, honesty and ethical standards in all that we do.
• Customers are our highest priority and deserve our best service, attitude and consideration.
• An environment that empowers employees to achieve excellence in all activities.
• Active participation to the continual quality-of-life advancements in our communities.
• Being good stewards in managing our resources.

Value Proposition

Lakeland Communications provides your local, always-on, super-fast broadband connection to the world. We do this with our dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable TEAM. A TEAM that you can reach when you need to, and can count on, with all of your telecom, IT, broadband, and cybersecurity questions or concerns that come up in today’s evolving world.

Connect, educate, play, and work—when you want to, when you need to, and as fast as you can. All while delivering your family and/or your businesses the best customer experience available. We want to be your connection to everything TEAM, one you can count on and trust.