Complimentary Wi-Fi Hotspots are now available from Lakeland Communications (3/17/20)

For those that need Internet availability during this COVID 19 impacting period, Lakeland Communications will have WiFi hotspots available at both Lakeland, Milltown and Luck Office parking lots.  You can find the WiFi Network with the name of Lakeland_Open in the parking lot area just to the west of the Luck office located at 28 West Ave and also in the upper parking lot are of our corporate Office located at 825 Innovation Ave. in Milltown, WI.   Keep in mind this is an open WiFi network and you will not need a WiFi password to use the service.

Please feel free to contact our customer service with any questions or concerns at 715.825.2171 or

Payments can be made online or at our payment drop boxes located at each office.