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Why Fiber to the Home? (FTTH)

One word: Bandwidth! Current and developing technologies that people enjoy in their homes today require a lot of two-way data transfer. Examples include high-definition television, streaming video, online gaming and video recording – all of which require increasing amounts of bandwidth. These bandwidth requirements also increase in direct correlation to the number of users enjoying the services. Data transfer can be compared to traffic on a busy highway. As the traffic increases, movement slows and bottlenecks occur. To alleviate the congestion, larger more efficient highways are developed and implemented. FTTH represents this new, faster and more efficient data highway. Fiber optic cables can transmit far more information with a greater degree of fidelity over greater distances. And since it’s harder to “tap” than copper, it has the added benefit of extra security for the data being transmitted.


What are the Advantages of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH?)

* Faster connection speeds, downstream/upstream transmission and carrying capacity.

* Can manage bandwidth requirements for current, developing and future technologies.

* Fiber resides underground so it provides maximum stability.

* Higher quality connection.

* More bandwidth and flexibility.

* Increases home value.

* Not affected by temperature or weather conditions.

* Stability & Reliability

* Future Proof

Why do I need all of this Bandwidth?

You might not need all of the bandwidth today, but most likely you will in the future. Fiber brings you a clearer picture with your video. More channels and more video options. Right now, worldwide, it is estimated that an average home uses 13 connected devices. With the rapid pace of change in the telecommunications world, you will be ahead of the game with fiber connectivity.

STEP ONEWorld Fiber

  1. Preliminary fiber routes and design are Land is researched for correct easements
  2. Customer is contacted for mainline fiber easement
  3. Customer visited with about the direction and placement of fiber if on their premise.
  4. The main fiber line is constructed down miles and miles of roads and highways.  This in itself is     a several year project. On a good day about 1 mile of fiber is put in the ground.


  1. The mainline fiber is now in the ground so it is on to Step 2!
  2. Customers are now contacted about placement of drops along with an onsite visit to go over concerns.
  3. Easements are signed and notarized. In some cases this is done in Step 1.
  4. Diggers Hotline is called and property is flagged.
  5. Construction crew plows to the outside of the premise.
  6. Fiber is coiled is put the hand hole by the road and brought into  the new box on the side of the home.


  1. Once and area is towards completion, splicing crews report.
  2. Each coiled end at both the hand hole and your home is spliced.
  3. Fiber is glass strands and every single strand in a cable of fiber needs to be spliced together. Once an area is spliced testing begins.  Any unsatisfactory test results are sent back to the splicing group to be re-spliced and retested.  Once testing results meet Lakeland’s standards addresses are turned over for scheduling.
  4. Customer is called and an appointment is scheduled.
  5. A Lakeland technician arrives at your home and connects the ONT/Gigacenter to the fiber.
  6. A battery is installed along with the Gigacenter. Depending on the services the customer uses, ethernet and video connections are completed.
  7. Wifi is turned on and devices are connected and named.
  8. The technician now takes his time to educate the customer on the fiber connection; talks about Lakeland’s Smart Support, managed wifi and answers any questions or concerns.



Fiber Connectivity is complete to your home.

As you can tell from steps 1-3 this has not been an easy or quick process. Going from Step 1 to Step 4 can take anywhere from 2 to 4 years as construction, splicing and connection happens.

Thousands of customers are being cutover to fiber optics in stages to allow for all of the steps needed in the process.

We thank you for the patience you have had and we look forward to you experiencing fiber connectivity at your home.

Good for the LOCAL Economy

Lakeland provides a positive impact on local economic development and improved quality of life by bringing virtually unlimited bandwidth to the community. Fiber Optics can best handle the data intensive operations of information technology, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, finance and other sections of business.

Unlimited Capacity

Lakeland provides unlimited capacity for carrying large files, a cutting edge gaming experience, and digital TV with high definition.  With Fiber to the Home, you experience better picture quality, better sound quality, faster Internet Speeds and a better reliable service.

Connects You Globally

Fiber to the Home allows people to stay connected to the global economy no matter where we live. Fiber will also increase on-line learning opportunities while enhancing the learning experience, giving everyone easy access to courses from the best trainers, colleges and instructors from around the world.


Fiber Maps

Fiber Connectivity Updates by Area

Click on map to view.


Unlimited Multiple Devices                                                                                                    

Simultaneously run your tablets, computers and gaming systems. Stream movies in HD.

Faster Speeds                                                                                                         

Internet speeds available up to 1 Gig!

Telecommuting: Live Here. Work Anywhere!

Quickly transfer large data files. No lag on cloud-based applications and connections.

TV Entertainment Experience

Watch crystal clear high definition (HD)

Greater DVR storage, multiple recording capabilities.


We can scale your experience to any speed you want or need.


Download or upload large files with blazing speed. That means an HD movie in less than 1 minute. Perfect for Netflix customers and gaming online.

Unlimited Future Possibilities

Fiber Technology is prepared for advancements of home automation, distance learning, telemedicine, video conferencing and new technologies emerging every day.

Valuation of your home increases by at least $5,000.00!

Fiber to the Home Council, 2014



Web Browsing

Online Streaming

High Definition Video


Movies and Entertainment

Online Education

Uploading/Downloading Large Files

Multi-Users can experience all

Monitoring & Surveillance

Security Systems

Payment Processing

Video Conferencing