The world of streaming entertainment is no longer just about on-demand movies and television shows. Live streaming TV is everywhere and available on several different platforms.

One of the best ways families can enjoy live streaming TV is through FAST streaming platforms.

FAST—short for Free, Ad-Supported Television—is a budget-saving, live streaming TV option for cost-conscious consumers.

With MyBundle, you know you can already build a package of apps and channels you and your family will most enjoy—while saving you money.

And now, MyBundle offers its very own FAST streaming platform—another great way to cut costs while still enjoying outstanding home streaming entertainment!

Combined with the high-speed fiber internet delivered to your home by Lakeland Communications, FAST streaming, including MyBundle’s option, may offer the ultimate, most efficient home entertainment package possible so that you can cut the cable cord (and the bills) for good!

Below we explain more about FAST streaming TV, including how it works and how you can use it for maximum savings. We also detail MyBundle’s FAST streaming platform. Read on to learn more!

What is FAST Streaming?

In a nutshell, FAST streaming TV offers you live entertainment, news, sports, and more streamed over the internet for free.

Like broadcast television served over an antenna, FAST’s programming is free because ads support it.

With FAST streaming TV, you don’t need a new “box,” more wires, or any additional equipment beyond what you already use to access the internet on your devices. And ad-supported FAST streaming TV means you don’t have to shell out more money each month to enjoy live television.

FAST’s advantages extend beyond the cost savings. FAST streaming also brings a deep library of streaming entertainment, including live TV. And high-speed fiber internet creates pristine picture quality, something you won’t always find on traditional broadcast television.

Beyond paying your monthly internet service bill, FAST streaming TV is free for you to enjoy.

FAST Streaming Platforms

The growth of FAST channels and platforms over the past few years is stunning.

Today, more than a thousand FAST channels are available in America! As are other leading streaming tech companies, all the major channels are in on the action.

Major broadcast networks offer FAST options, like CBS, which provides Pluto TV through its streaming platform, Paramount, while Fox has Tubi. NBC’s Peacock also features its own FAST service, while Amazon offers the recently re-named Freevee (formerly IMBd TV).

Both Roku and Samsung—major producers of Smart TVs and streaming devices—have FAST streaming services. Other networks are expected to launch FAST streaming services soon, including A&E and AMC, offering their popular and prestige content to stream free with ads.

MyBundle’s FAST TV Option

And coming soon to MyBundle, you’ll be able to enjoy the cost-savings of FAST streaming TV right in the MyBundle dashboard! MyBundle’s fully integrated FAST option will provide many advantages you’ll love.

First, MyBundle’s sleek and intuitive design makes its Live-TV button accessible. You’ll see it at the top right of your screen when you log on. So you’ll quickly start streaming content anytime you want.

Second, your MyBundle account works seamlessly across all your logged-in devices. You can watch MyBundle’s FAST streaming live TV on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop—anywhere you can connect to the internet!

Third, MyBundle’s unique search and recommendation tools can help you find content across many genres, including top network shows, live news and sports, kids’ entertainment and educational programming, home improvement and design, travel and nature, and Spanish language shows.

Fourth, with its easy alternation between live FAST TV and on-demand apps in one space, MyBundle users don’t have to decide what to watch. Instead, they can simply surf to find something new and unanticipated—without paying excessive extra bills for live TV.

To learn more about how MyBundle saves you money and improves your streaming experience at the same time, click here. And follow Lakeland Communication’s social pages for more helpful advice on enjoying your high-speed fiber internet!

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