Access to knowledgeabe techs you can rely on.

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Are you uncomfortable with new technology or feel like there is so much to learn? Or do you call a loved one multiple times a week about your device problems? Remote or on-site technical support was designed with you in mind to make technology easy.

Lakeland’s experienced residential technician will be ready to help in person or remotely based on the level of assistance needed. Our experts want nothing more than to make you more comfortable with your technology.

We’re here to help

  • If you feel like you are bothering your loved ones too often with tech-related questions
  • During the times you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated
  • If the device isn’t working properly
  • When you’re afraid to purchase a new device

Take the frustration out of technology with Lakeland Communication Tech- Support Residential on-site or remote technical support.

Remote Tech Support

$95 per hour billed in 15 min. increments – minimum billing 15 min.

On-Site Tech Support

$95 per hour and a $60 dispatch fee, billed at 30 min. increments and 30 min. minimum plus materials

Additional Service Support Offerings

Care Call

Help is just a button away for seniors and persons with special needs.

Device Support Plan

Lakeland Communications gives you access to knowledgeable techs you can rely on.

Email Setup and Maintenance

We will set up your email on all of your devices.

Network Assessment

Assessing your home network will ensure your devices are secure and getting quality speeds from every corner of your house.

New Computer Setup

Did you purchase a new computer and need a little help getting it started—Tech-Support— Remote tech or On-Site Tech will make sure you’re Good2Go before leaving your home.

Online File Backup

Now is the time to protect yourself.

Printer Setup, Troubleshooting and Repair

Don’t let your printer frustrate you.

Smart Device Setup

If you want a smarter home, we can help.

TV Setup and Support

Don’t let TV troubles or inexperience ruin your viewing experience.

Wi-Fi Signal Extension

If your connection doesn’t reach each corner of your home, we’re here to help.

Wireless Phone Training and Support

Your smartphone plays an important part in your life. Make sure it is always working.

Wireless Router and Wi-Fi Support

End spotty and buffering Internet for good.

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